First Post

With this blog I’m going to curtail my enthusiasm for terrible puns using the post titles; though I can’t promise to always succeed.

So, why am I starting a new blog?

The short answer is, I want to organize my thoughts concerning all Unity3D things in a single place rather than have them clutter up my main blog every few posts and breaking the flow of other code.

The long answer. Well, there is no long answer. The short answer is actually quite sufficient.

Over the last year or so I also wrote up a bunch of posts over at Gamasutra; but some recent events and frankly a ridiculous waiting period for each post have seeded doubt in my mind about the longevity of anyone’s blogs over there. And I’ll be migrating those over into this site.

But before we begin, let me just say hello to You. Yes, you! The nebulous reader, the most fantastic creature, stumbling in to gaze upon the following posts in search of wisdom, entertainment and maybe some code. Let me just clear it up right now. I… eh, I’m not really sure what I’m doing to be honest, but I promise to have fun while doing it 😀

Oh, yeah, and most of my posts are going end with a quote from either the current song I’m listening to or some song that I like.

With that out of the way and without further ado, let’s start.

Pick and choose, sit and lose, all you different crews, chicks and dudes, who you think is really kickin’ tunes?
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